Decorative Electroplating

Additives for Decorative Electroplating

  • Bright Copper

    • sulfuric acid based
    • high ductility
    • extraordinary brightness, leveling and throwing power
    • Acid Copper B-1000 / B-3000

      Proven standard copper bathes for the deposition of highly brilliant and ductile coatings for decorative and functional applications.
    • Acid Copper B-5007

      Additives based on water for the deposition of highly brilliant, extraordinary highly leveled and ductile copper coatings. This additive satisfies highest requirements in brilliance and leveling.
  • Matt Copper

    • sulfuric acid based
    • semi bright to silky-dull
    • Copper-D

      Acid copper bath based on sulfuric acid, semi bright to silky-dull for deposition of decorative and functional matt copper coatings.
  • Bright Silver

    • electrolytic
    • highly brilliant
    • for decorative and functional applications

      SILVATEC is an electrolytic process for the deposition of highly brilliant silver deposits for decorative and functional applications.
  • Silver Passivation

    • water based
    • environmentally friendly, chrome free
    • preserves color and brightness

      Water based passivation solution for silver and silver coatings. By simply dipping into PROSILVAN a thin, tightly adherent and transparent protective coating is disposed so as to cover the surface of the silver surface. PROSILVAN is an environment-friendly, water based product which does not contain halogenated hydrocarbons or chromium compounds.