Chemicals for Printed Circuit Boards

Electroplating additives and processes for the
manufacturing of printed circuit boards (PCB)

  • Innerlayer Treatment:

    • Black oxide based on chlorite
    • Brown oxide based on hydrogen peroxide
  • Smear Removal, 3-step process:

    • Sweller (various systems for normal and high Tg-materials)
    • Permanganate (sodium or potassium)
    • Neutralizer (with or without glass fiber conditioning)
  • Conventional PTH with electroless copper (horizontal/vertical)

    • Based on tartrate or Quadrol as a complexing agent
    • Deposition rates between 1.2 and 6.0 A?m/h
  • Acid Copper (horizontal/vertical)

    • Vertical DC, soluble anodes
    • Vertical pulse, soluble anodes
    • Horizontal DC, insoluble anodes
    • Horizontal pulse, insoluble anodes
  • Electrolytic Tin

    • Based on methanesulfonic acid (MSA)
    • Silky bright deposition